Dyson SET V10 Absolute + Floor Dock Akku-Stielsauger

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  • Dyson
Product highlights:
  • Digital engine V10
  • 14 concentrically arranged cyclones
  • Nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery
  • Hygienic container emptying with just one movement
  • Electric brush with direct drive, electric brush with soft roller
  • Three suction levels
  • Mini electric brush, extra-soft brush, 2-part accessories
  • Large post-engine filter
  • Free-standing charging station including 5 accessories
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DYSON digital motor V10
Generates the suction power of a conventional cylinder vacuum cleaner *.
* Suction force tested according to the standard EN 60312-1, No. 5.8 and 5.9, directly on the suction opening of the device. Compared to conventional vacuum cleaners. Tested with the container full and in max mode.

14 concentrically arranged cyclones
14 patented Dyson cyclones accelerate air to almost 190 km / h and thus generate centrifugal forces of 79,000 G, which filter dust and dirt out of the air flow and forcefully convey it into the container.

Nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery
Consistent consumption of battery power.
Up to 60 minutes running time.

From floor to ceiling – and for everything in between
Removable pipe for flexible cleaning of hard-to-reach places.

Improved hygienic container emptying with just one hand movement
The chemically etched sieve transports more particles into the container and is cleaned by a silicone wiper mechanism. Hygienic container emptying with just one movement.

brush with direct drive Driven by a powerful motor inside the brush roller.
Solid nylon bristles remove deep-seated dirt and animal hair from carpets. Soft carbon fibers absorb fine dust from hard floors.

Electric brush with soft roller
Soft nylon to pick up coarse dirt and carbon fibers to pick up fine dust. Ideal for all requirements on hard floors.

Three suction levels
The right cleaning mode for every cleaning requirement , higher suction power for heavier soiling.

Mini electric brush
For removing deep-seated dirt and animal hair from upholstery.

Extra-soft brush
For cleaning sensitive surfaces.

Large post-motor
filter for a cleaner exhaust air than the room air you breathe. Ideal for allergy sufferers.

Wall bracket with charging station

2-part accessories

V10 Floor Dock
Free-standing charging station and storage option for the Dyson V10.

Includes 5 accessories:
Extension hose, extra hard brush, flex adapter, extra soft brush, upholstery nozzle